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French Kiss Solaire is considered today as one of the best sun creams on the market.

Only sunscreen SPF 50+
  having obtained 100/100 on the YUKA application

Only scientifically proven sunscreen with no impact on the ocean

Certified very high protection against UVA and UVB

Ocean Friendly and Skin Safety label


Driven by our desire to create the best Low Tox sunscreen on the market, we took the time to find the best laboratory, which corresponded 100% to our expectations and our demanding specifications.


It is with pride that we have selected a French laboratory located in the south of France. 


It is a laboratory for the development of cosmetic and hygiene products. Their desire to develop innovative and unique formulas, coupled with the strong values of this family business, convinced us to choose them for the development of our sunscreen. Their Cosmos Organic certification assured us of their expertise in the field of organic products.


The history of our laboratory

Created by a professor of chemistry and natural sciences more than 40 years ago. It has now become a veritable development laboratory which encompasses manufacturing, packaging, innovation and support services.​


It is above all a family business with strong values. 


Specialized in cosmetics, the laboratories have 3 certifications which ensure their expertise: ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (GMP), and COSMOS.


It is also a committed company, which responds to CSR values. Their HR policy emphasizes well-being and safety at work. The company strives to limit its environmental impact by favoring eco-design, waste sorting, and responsible and local purchasing.


We are therefore proud to work with him for the development of our Low Tox sunscreen.


The tests carried out on our Low Tox sunscreen

For our French Kiss sunscreen, once the perfect formula was found, our laboratory carried out numerous tests. We voluntarily spent several months of research and development before offering our French Kiss sunscreen on the market. 


Here are the tests we performed: 

  • Stability 3 months

  • Challenge test

  • Skin test 

  • Eye test 

  • Water Resistance 

  • Photostability 

  • Biodegradability test 

  • SPF and UVA measures

The Skin Safety label

After several years of research, our laboratory has succeeded in creating a silicone-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic sunscreen with the Skin Safety label. This indicates that there are no controversial filters, as we use new generation filters.


Generally, sunscreens are composed of chemical filters: they are actually synthetic molecules that absorb UV rays. Chemical filters can contain endocrine disruptors, allergies or intolerances, and above all their molecules kill the micro-algae present on the corals. Some components can even cross the skin barrier and be found in the blood, in the urine, or even in breast milk. 


Mineral filters act differently by reflecting and returning these UV rays. They have the advantage of being immediately effective and of preserving the corals. 


Our Low Tox sunscreen contains mineral sunscreens that protect your skin upon application, without waiting the 30 minutes required after applying sunscreen with chemical filters.

Our key ingredients

We have integrated natural and effective ingredients into the composition of our eco-friendly sunscreen, in order to provide the skin with soothing properties. 


Among these ingredients is aloe vera , which has an immediate soothing effect. It is also an ingredient that can be applied alone after exposure to the sun.


Vitamin B5 acts as a skin repairer and reduces water loss to keep the skin hydrated. Vitamin E , on the other hand, is known for its antioxidant properties. It also helps soften and moisturize the skin. 


Finally, we also use glycerin , which makes the skin more supple, a water-resistant agent to increase the hold of the Low Tox sunscreen, and an emollient agent to improve the effectiveness of sunscreens.

Corail et poissons verts

An ocean-friendly sunscreen

Finally, French Kiss is a Low Tox sunscreen: it is proven “ Ocean Friendly ”. Our laboratory has carried out biodegradability tests according to the OECD 301F standard: our sunscreen  without oxybenzone is guaranteed non-nano, without phenoxyethanol, and with a soothing CDG active ingredient. It has excellent water resistance, and is photostable and eco-designed. 


Offering low-tox sunscreen was our top priority. We started from an alarming observation: thousands of tons of sunscreen residue are dumped into our oceans every year. Coral reefs eventually bleach and die, destroying a valuable ecosystem. 


These harmful substances are also found in rivers, lakes… It is therefore all the aquatic fauna and flora that is impacted. He also proved that the fertility of fish was affected by the presence of chemical substances in the water. 


Our laboratory therefore acts to preserve the seabed and the environment in general! Our patents and natural active ingredients offer a responsible alternative. Organic, our Low Tox sunscreen does not use ingredients derived from petrochemicals or containing pesticides. 


Find here our Low Tox sunscreen, eco friendly and respectful of the ocean!  

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